Sunday, December 1, 2013


The art of Primitive Americana comes naturally to Sandra Somers who was born and raised in a small Midwestern town “full of large old houses, horse barns and lush farmland within roller skating range.” Sandra grew up in Findlay, Ohio, and has been a Michigan resident for many years. Her primitive art, created using acrylics, depicts an active, bustling world that time has somehow overlooked. Nationally recognized museums, historic townships and individual collectors have commissioned nostalgic portraits. In Sandra's Americana, the houses are real and architecturally exciting, while the people are childlike individuals dressed in vintage or modern clothing enjoying the seasons. Available as original paintings and lithograph prints, Somers’ primitives are set in handmade wood frames that enhance the pictured scene. Notecards are also available. Sandra also creates custom primitives, undertakes restorations of old homes, decorates furniture and cabinetry, and is available for consultation. She is presently living and working in an 1860s farmhouse homestead with restored outbuildings, including a chicken coop used as a showroom studio. Visitors are welcome by appointment.


A little about myself-I first learned to sew around the age of twelve. I've been sewing full time for the past 6-7 years. I've taught myself everything I know about sewing and I still continue to learn each and every time I sew. I love to create one of a kind clothing & accessories. Some of my items are made from recycled fibers & materials. I love the idea of recycling to reduce the amount of waste that reaches our landfills!  I also offer handmade clothing made from my own handmade pattern/design. I'm a little crazy about flowers so you will find a lot of my items will have handcrafted flowers attached to them! I am so happy to be a part of the Chelsea Holiday Trimmings Show this year! I would like to send out a big thank-you Susan Ogden & Deb Kureth for initially inviting me to participate in last years show! Rebecca Burford

My online Etsy shop can be viewed here: 

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I made my first jointed teddy bear in 1988 after the death of my father. My maiden name is Taddie and when my dad was in the hospital dying of cancer, the nurses called him Mr. Taddie Bear. I have been making antique style bears ever since and call them the Simonelli Taddie Bears in memory of my father.
I have done bear shows all over the United States and shipped bears as far as Japan. I always hand dye many of my mohair pieces to get a certain antique look and draw all of my own patterns. The only accessories that I have on them are antique collars, textiles, hats and, of course, an old antique key around their neck. (When you adopt one of my bears, he unlocks the key to your heart)
I have recently added elephants, cats and rabbits to my line. Every one has its own unique look because I never can reproduce the same piece twice. It is a wonderful hobby and I love creating these pieces... always in memory of my dad.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hoola Jewelry is a small jewelry business out of Chelsea that makes sterling silver pieces, (which we call Hoolas) that combine together on a sterling hoop to design an earring or on a bail to make a necklace. We provide the pieces or Hoolas and the customer designs the finished product. To my knowledge no one in the arts industry is doing anything like this. We are providing the "paint brush, paint and palate" and the customer is designing the finished product. I have attached a few photos from this last weekend in Chelseas Summer Festival for you to see how we set up a display (The 3rd and 4th are a sample, designed by the customer with pearls dropping down in various colors. She was very proud of her design.) The ladies absolutely love the idea and our sales have increased throughout these past 7 years of business. We have done shows in Chelsea, Petoskey, Farmington, Flint, Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter; we also do home Trunk Shows throughout the state.We make 90% of the Hoolas here in Chelsea, please see attachment for a few close ups of product. The River Gallery in Chelsea, ( a nationally acclaimed art gallery) has invited us to do a shows in Aug for three days, both to support local Chelsea businesses but also because they love the "artistic" side of our concept.


CBC-Created by Chris
Aka Chris Purcell
Reuse • Repurpose • Reassemble
I like to make things. And I hate to throw away useful stuff. I make things from felted wool sweaters, metal zippers, vintage keys, old buttons and orphaned containers.  I make pillows, hats, scarves mittens, pin cushions, and jewelry. What I make depends on my mood. Some things are made from patterns, others are my interpretation of what can happen when using vintage items. By day I am a graphic designer. After that I get out my sewing machine and glue. Please stop by and see what I've been up to.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Marlene Dusbiber has been a professional woodcarver since 1987, and lives with her husband, John, also an accomplished woodcarver, in a reproduction black timber frame saltbox on farmland outside the village of Chelsea, Michigan. County life has provided a neverending source of inspiration for her carvings.


After years of absence from the fine arts, I took a pastel class with Kathy Gunderson from our friend, Nancy Solo. It was a great match for me – the medium is flexible and forgiving, but also gives you great depth of color and emotion. Whimsical animals and landscapes are what motivate me right now and I’m experimenting with different frames for my landscapes.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Larry Ogden, a retired geology professor, has been cross-
stitching since 1991, designing his own patterns of mostly
locally seen birds, especially the more colorful ones. The
markings are as close to reality as the sizes of the stitches
allow. A resident of Chelsea, he just celebrated his 94th

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Kris Miller is the owner of Spruce Ridge Studios LLC. They offer
a wide variety of rughooking supplies, kits, books, pins and
beautiful hand-turned wood sewing implements for the quilter,
needle stitcher, hand crafter and sewer. They also specialize in
original primitive rug hooking patterns. Their gorgeous hand-
dyed wool fabric is sought after by both rug hookers and hand-
stitching artists.