Thursday, November 12, 2009


I made my first jointed teddy bear in 1988 after the death of my father. My maiden name is Taddie and when my dad was in the hospital dying of cancer, the nurses called him Mr. Taddie Bear. I have been making antique style bears ever since and call them the Simonelli Taddie Bears in memory of my father.
I have done bear shows all over the United States and shipped bears as far as Japan. I always hand dye many of my mohair pieces to get a certain antique look and draw all of my own patterns. The only accessories that I have on them are antique collars, textiles, hats and, of course, an old antique key around their neck. (When you adopt one of my bears, he unlocks the key to your heart)
I have recently added elephants, cats and rabbits to my line. Every one has its own unique look because I never can reproduce the same piece twice. It is a wonderful hobby and I love creating these pieces... always in memory of my dad.

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